Proconcept visits Japan

During the last Christmas break Proconcept visited Japan to meet with Tatsuru Ichishima, the founder of Spoon Sports. Proconcept have visited Spoon’s workshop once again to update on any news and to share business ideas and needs for both Japan and Australia. However, as much as the visit had been informative and valuable to show what is happening in Australia it was also a fun visit and these can be seen by the photos taken on the visit to share with our readers.

To share with our readers on a more personal level we have asked Joshua, the founder of Proconcept, on his impression of the trip to Japan.

"Although this trip wasn’t the first trip to Japan, as always it was a meaningful trip and an eye opener. The people, culture, technology they use are some thing for us to take with us and give our best efforts to distribute among the Australian community for the benefit of our motoring culture".

Joshua Cho, Director