Proconcept’s office renovation [on going process]

Recently our customers would have seen many drums of paints being delivered and a lot of our stocks in the workshop have been disappearing with people that don’t seem like mechanics going in and out of our workshop. These were for our office expansion above our workshop.

This new office area has been fully renovated providing, most importantly, a waiting room for our customers which is being air conditioned. Up until now the customers that wanted to wait for their car to be serviced or worked on had no where to wait or sit, however, with our new office the customer waiting room is filled with magazines and soon to be filled with TV and some entertainment for our customers to enjoy while they wait.

The office is accompanied by a showroom for our customers to visualize what Proconcept can do in terms of performance, parts, maintenance and styling. The showroom is directly next to the waiting room for our customers to enjoy. Come and see what we have to offer for your car.

Another benefit of this expansion is with our office moving upstairs away from the workshop leaving more room for our technicians to work on our customer’s vehicles and be able to carry out our specialized work such as engine and gear box assembly.

Proconcept’s ultimate reason for this expansion is to be able to create an enormous library system with wide collection of books and magazines with regards to set up of your car, race car preparation and set up, product information and continually increasing the number of publications and technical information for our customers to benefit from. Once this system has been created our aim is for our customers to come in and access any information our customer requires and stay as long as you need and ask as many questions as you need. Why buy those expensive books and magazines when you can come in to Proconcept and enjoy the air conditioned waiting room and access all those hard to find, inaccessible material with a cup of coffee. We will be sure to let our customers know when this system is ready, although we already have quite a large collection in our customer’s waiting room that our customers are already enjoying. The library system will continually grow and we will be building on it and currently our customers are already carrying out this trend in Proconcept so what are you waiting for?

Our customers are enjoying the new waiting room and our technicians are enjoying the expanded room to work in, so why don’t you come in and say “Hi!” and enjoy the stay.