Nissan Sports Car Club Open Day @ Proconcept

NSCC Tech Day at Proconcept, March 28th, 2009 starting at 9am

Proconcept is holding a technical day for NSCC where the member’s cars set ups will be looked at and to understand more about their cars and try identify any possible issues. The day has been organized in order to have the opportunity for club members to discuss about their cars and to encourage face to face interactions as opposed to the forum interactions.

The day will see the member’s cars being on the 4-post hoist and Joshua sharing his knowledge and experiences in racing and his specialties in Nissan. Couple of things that will be looked at are the engine bay, underbody, check the suspension and wheel alignment where the owner of the car and few others will be invited to join Joshua for discussions on what they see and what it all means along with Joshua’s impressions regarding the set up. For demonstration purposes, there will be couple of cars put on for the corner weight. We will have people taking notes and pictures to share with our readers.

As the day is not a day to carry out any work as this will limit the time for discussions and the number of cars Proconcept can analyse, will be a busy day with lots of discussions and lots of hot dogs and running out of any fold up chairs which all members are advised to bring with them.

Proconcept hopes this will be an enjoyable and yet informative day for all NSCC members and we are looking forward to give all our readers update on how the day goes.